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Management Solutions

Management Solutions include consulting on various management and communication skills, including programs such as:
  • Conscious Communication (Essential Skills for Successful Workplace Relationships)
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence (Using Emotional Intelligence as a Resource in the Workplace)
  • Transforming Conflict into Opportunity (Tools for Real Change)
  • Building Trust in the Workplace (The Foundation for Successful Relationships)
  • Bridging Multi-Generational Differences
  • Pathways to Values Based Leadership
  • Communicating Assertively (Getting Results with Respect)
  • The 4 Rooms of Wellness (Enhancing the Quality of Life in the Workplace)
  • Creativity (Pathways to Innovation)
  • People Skills for Managers (Creating the Climate for Success)
  • Real Teams (Freeing Group Potential)
  • Building Personal and Mutual Accountability in the Workplace
  • Listening Skills

BEQS partners with a leading consulting firm in Business Communication, to provide training that is designed to optimize the effectiveness of the firm’s Quality System. Unique in this industry is the BEQS concept that a Quality System cannot be effective unless the firm equally invests in developing effective management and communication techniques. In doing so the firm will optimize the effectiveness of the organization to achieve its Quality and Productivity goals.

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